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Best Fairway Woods Reviews & Buying Guide

Golf sets are a combination of all the types of equipment required for playing golf with ease by any person, they include iron rods, drivers, iron wedge, putter, etc. The best golf club set for intermediate has a great mix of distance, forgiveness, and value and these are the club sets golf manufacturers that work the hardest on.

The mid handicapper represents the largest sector of the golf population, and these intermediate clubs are a good place for intermediate players to play and learn the game. One of the most essential features included in a golf club set is the fairway wood.

The best fairway woods are made with a slightly shorter and stiffer shaft, that has a smaller clubhead and more loft than a 2 wood or a driver. The most common club sets that are modern include only one top fairway wood, that has many features to make the game easy and worth playing.

Taylor made M4 Fairway wood Taylor made M4 Fairway wood
  •  Taylor made M4 Fairway wood has right-hand orientation and a regular golf club flex that come with 16.5 degrees golf club loft and a good design.


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Taylor made men’s RBZ fairway wood Taylor made men’s RBZ fairway wood
  • Taylor made men’s RBZ fairway wood has senior golf club flex and a righ- handed orientation that comes with a 15 degrees golf club loft.


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Callway golf marvik fairway wood Callway golf marvik fairway wood
  • Callway golf marvik fairway wood that has right-handed orientation and comes with three wood configuration and has a 15 degrees golf club loft.
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Cobra golf 2019 F9 Men’s speed back fairway Cobra golf 2019 F9 Men’s speed back fairway
  • Cobra golf 2019 F9 Men’s speed back fairway has a right-handed orientation and a regular flex that comes with a 5/6 woods configuration.
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MW8 moon wood premium fairway golf wood MW8 moon wood premium fairway golf wood
  • MW8 moon wood premium fairway golf wood has a right-handed orientation and has a graphite shaft with stainless steel clubhead that comes with 25 degrees loft angle of golf.
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Olimar golf escape fairway wood Olimar golf escape fairway wood
  • Olimar golf escape fairway wood has a regular flex and its shaft is made of graphite and it has a right-handed orientation that makes it comfortable to use.



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Our Top 6 Fairway Woods Quick Review

1. Taylor Made M4 Fairway Wood


  • It has a right-hand orientation.
  • It has a regular golf club flex.
  • It comes with 16.5 degrees golf club loft.
  • It is made of graphite.
  • It has an Ultra-strong ni-co 300 steel face 
  • It has a 5-Layer carbon crown that creates a lower CG.
  • It has a fluted hostel to provide superior sound and feel without compromising CG location.

The Taylor Made M4 3-wood is one of the top-performing drivers due to its ultra-hot face and solid forgiveness. It is a great option for high handicappers as they look for something to get off the ground.

Its sleek hole is perfectly shaped to deliver a good strike to the ball, even in fairly tough lies. It can give long, high-flying shots. It has a speed pocket built into the sole that makes the face ultra-hot, giving both sweet-spot contacts and mis-hits remarkable distance.

TaylorMade fairway woods perform well but have a thuddy sound. This is common to woods that use carbon fiber composite materials instead of solid metal.

It allows low spin and high launch as the carbon-fiber material used in the crown allows it to move the center of gravity low and forward, which provides a combination of high launch and low spin. This fairway wood launches nice and high and the lower spin reduces the severity of hooks and slices, resulting in more fairways and greens hit.


  • It offers a good distance on off-center hits
  • It lifts the ball off the ground very nicely.
  • It is very useful for tough lies.
  • It has a fluted hostel to provide superior sound and has a 5-Layer carbon crown that creates a lower CG.


  • It does not offer any adjustability.

2. Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway Wood


  • It has senior golf club flex.
  • It has a right-handed orientation.
  • It has 15 degrees golf club loft.
  • It has a legendary speed pocket for high launch and increased carry distance.
  • It has strategically positioned mass pad for optimal launch, sound, and feel.
  • It has a shallow profile that lowers the center of gravity to increase playability from the fairway.
  • It has a satin black finish with elegant detailing to improve alignment.

This TaylorMade RBZ fairway wood is sleek, that has an all-black design with a very low profile. It is an affordable fairway wood from one of the top manufacturers. TaylorMade has one of the best technological advances and gimmicks that allow hitting the ball longer and straighter every time.

The RBZ Fairway Wood forgoes the fancy materials and adjustability of many modern fairway woods, and instead, it is a classic, effective design that will surely suit any golfer. It has a low profile that is very vertically compact and rests very low on the ground at address.

It gives a great visual cue that allows you to deliver the club to the bottom half of the ball and send it flying high in the air. It has a legendary speed pocket, which results in a great distance across the whole face. Its heel and toe strike still take advantage of the Speed Pocket and travel a good distance with a surprisingly good roll-out.


  • It looks great at the address.
  • It has a very good design that is very comfortable to carry and play.
  • It is long and forgiving that comes in an excellent money value.
  • It offers good durability and lasts long.
  • It is right-handed oriented.


  • It cannot be adjusted according to a person’s needs.
  • It has a tiny sound.

3. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speed Back Fairway


  • It has a right-handed orientation.
  • It has a regular flex.
  • It comes with a 5/6 woods configuration.
  • It has 18.5 degrees golf club loft.
  • It is made from graphite.
  • Its shaft material is made from Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 7.
  • It weighs 1 pound.

This is a well-made fairway wood manufactured by brand Cobra that has a low profile, and it is a club that instills a lot of confidence for high handicappers to make the jump to clubs that are better made and consider high-level.

It provides the golfer with exceptional feel and response after each swing. Cobra has featured the Baffler Rail System in their clubs for many years and once you hit the F8 Fairway you can see why as the system does an admirable job at providing solid impact and stunning distance.

It also has rails that allow the club to sweep the golf ball rather than taking a steep attack for better ball flight and to reduce the chances of mis-hitting the shot. It also aids in creating better forgiveness from the impact zone.

It has stainless steel inserted on the face to reduce drag around the clubhead for maximum club speed that is directed straight to the golf ball. It comes with an adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to rest easy. 


  • It has Speed back Baffler Technology and a low, back tungsten weight optimize turf interaction.
  • It has 360 Aero Technology-Polymer and titanium sole trips that are positioned in the direction of airflow around the clubhead to reduce drag for faster clubhead speeds.
  • It has an ultralight carbon fiber crown that is a lightweight carbon fiber that saves discretionary weight.
  • It has an adjustable loft sleeve help creates the flight path as required by the player.


  • It is not very much sophisticated as other fairway woods.

 4. MW8 Moon Wood Premium Fairway Golf Wood


  • It has a right-handed orientation.
  • It has a graphite shaft with stainless steel clubhead.
  • It comes with 25 degrees loft angle of golf.
  • It is very easy to control when compared to traditional fair woods.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • It has a quick launch and high flight.

The MW8 Moon Wood is a club that has some slower-swinging high handicappers jumping for joy. It has very high lofts that are designed to be easy to hit high up in the air. Its loft starts at 21 degrees and goes up to 33 degrees, and these are designed as replacements for long and mid irons.

It offers a good bit of forgiveness for off-center hits and also has 3 and 5 wood. Its 21 degrees fly about as far as a well-struck 3-iron, and it has an extremely low profile. fairway lie. It looks like a 9-iron or pitching wedge that enables it to give the ball enough lift to escape heavy rough.

Using this fairway wood the ball pops up into the air and rolls out nicely to the hole. It comes at a really good price range that makes it a very affordable product that makes it one of the most liked products by people.


  • It is a low profile wood and is easy to get up the ball in the air.
  • It has a perfect grip that makes it easy to control and operate.
  • It is legal for tournament play and also comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.
  • It is a reliable product that is very trust-worthy.


  • It is not adequate for a person to have a fast swing already.

5. Callway Golf Marvik Fairway Wood


  • It has a right-handed orientation.
  • It has regular flex.
  • It comes with three wood configuration.
  • It has a 15 degrees golf club loft.
  • It is made of graphite.
  • It has A.I.-optimized Flash Face SS20.

Callaway golf marvik Fairway Wood comes with a host of innovative features, including a straight-up monster, delivering unreal distance with remarkable forgiveness and it also comes with an adjustable loft sleeve and rear weight, the Callaway club allows the golfer with plenty of options to choose from when crafting the shot shape that is ideal for their game.

This fairway wood comes with Flash Face technology that uses artificial intelligence to make the impact zone of the club thinner and hotter for increased length on shots and it also has a larger sweet spot for better quality contact and more forgiveness on off-center strikes.

It is also accompanied by Face Cup technology that assists to keep the shots straight no matter where they find the clubface. It is forged with 455 Carpenter steel, which helps to deliver remarkably fastball speed.

Both these Face Cup technology and Flash Face technology work to promote maximum distance and accuracy. It is a great combination for low handicappers and is fitted with an optifit hosel that allows golfers to customize their Epic Flash Fairway Wood to their liking. 


  • It is the longest fairway wood that has A.I.-optimized Flash Face SS20.
  • It delivers a good distance, forgiveness, and performance from every club.
  • It has a unique leading-edge geometry in every model for easy launch and provides numerous weighting options.
  • It also provides different launch angles, spin-rates and neutral or draws bias for a wide range of players.
  • It also includes a jailbreak technology for more energy to golf ball.


  • It is not adjustable and it also has tiny sound.

6. Olimar Golf Escape Fairwaw Wood


  • It has a regular flex.
  • Its shaft is made of graphite.
  • It has a right-handed orientation.
  • It has 11 woods and 30 degrees configuration.
  • It has a shallow face height.
  • Its grip is made from Olimar custom velvet.
  • Its shaft is made from Orlimar escape Superlite 60 graphite.
  • It has a low center of gravity.

The Orlimar Escape Fairway Woods are designed for slow-swinging high handicappers to help them dig the ball up off the ground and get them in the air. This fairway wood produces a ball flight more akin to a lofted iron and features very little roll-out after it lands.

It is available from 3-wood through 15-wood, and can essentially carry seven Orlimar woods to cover most of the distances. It has a 60-gram graphite shaft that is as light as any fairway wood would have.

It is too light for most of the golfers, but slow-swinging seniors and high handicappers find a lot to like this fair wood. It also comes with a light, flexible shaft that allows for a greater clubhead speed, which helps to get the ball up in the air.

In addition to this 3-wood come with 16 degrees of loft, and it also offers, 5-, 7-, 9-, 11-, 13- and 15-woods in lofts up to 38 degrees. It also features a shallow face and a unique design that gets under the ball and sends it flying high in the air that makes it very easy to hit.


  • Its offset provides draw bias to help correct slices.
  • It provides a good distance.
  • It’s back or heel CG weight helps the ball to get airborne.
  • It has 11 woods and 30 degrees configuration that makes it comfortable.


  • It is strictly recommended for slow swingers.
  • It weighs a bit more as compared to other fairway woods.

Buying Guide for Best Fairway Woods Ever


  • Indeed, even aces don’t hit the sweet detect without fail, and high handicappers will hit the ball everywhere on the clubface. With the innovation and materials accessible in clubs today, even mis-hits ought to be playable.
  • I’m searching for a fairway wood that will transform a cut into a blur that will even now give valuable distance on a helpless swing. While no club can fix a piece, some are superior to others at transforming awful shots into “that will work” and “simply alright” shots into great ones.


  • Regardless of how sympathetic a club is, it additionally should be long. Fairways are getting longer and longer consistently, so you would prefer not to be stuck utilizing a club that can’t stay aware of the requests of the advanced game.
  • You need a fairway wood with a slight, vivacious face that dispatches it quite far down the fairway. Standard 5s ought to score openings rather than alarming beasts. Distance has never been more significant in the sport of golf.


Golf clubs get increasingly more costly consistently. With hand-made graphite shafts and carbon fiber compound clubheads turning out to be perpetually normal, the assembling (and promoting) costs are reflected in the retail sticker price. So when you pay that much for a golf club, you need it to last. Solidness is reflected in the craftsmanship and construct quality. A club ought to be all around adequately made to last you quite a while if not many years.


In the event that a fairway wood costs twice as much as the one close to it, shouldn’t it hit it twice as far and twice as straight? You’d trust along these lines, obviously, that is not the situation. One club may squeeze a couple of a greater number of yards out of an unremarkable swing than another, yet on the off chance that it costs excessively more, it probably won’t merit the additional bucks.


Is this the up and coming fairway wood everybody’s discussing? Does it highlight space-age materials to help the ball fly higher and more? Is it from the very brand that all the stars use?

A more alluring club will have highlights you may not discover in other fairway woods, and it’ll hold its worth better in the event that you actually attempt to exchange it. More conspicuous brands will be more attractive all things considered: they’re normally on the front line of innovation, with huge loads of cash-filled innovative work every year.

How Should One Pick the Correct Fairway Wood for Use?

There are a few significant components you ought to comprehend prior to buying a fairway wood. They are:


Space directs flight direction and distance. The higher the space, the higher the flight direction and the more limited the ball will travel. Higher lofts are additionally simpler to hit than more grounded ones. Fairway woods have higher lofts than drivers, with the standard 3-wood space coming in the middle of 14 and 16 degrees. The higher the number, the higher the space: 5-woods have lofts somewhere in the range of 17 and 20 degrees. Higher hurled woods (7-, 9-, 11-, and so on) are regularly called utility or claim to fame woods.

 Shaft Length 

The higher the club number and the space, the more limited the shaft length. 3-woods need long shafts to create enough clubhead speed to drive the ball into the air. 5-woods have more space and along these lines more limited shafts for the ideal clubhead speed and dispatch point.

Pros of using best fairway woods

They offer accuracy

Golf fair way woods  come with a very good quality of allowing the player to measure the accurate distance of the target with accuracy and precision to give perfect readings of the distance. This accuracy measures the distance to the target accurately and helps the players to improve their skills in the field while playing. 

Enhances playing skills

These golf club sets have all essential features that can be very beneficial for enhancing your playing skills and can help the player to understand the range for each club. It provides a high level of precision and extra information that can be used to heighten the skills of the person using a golf club sets for intermediates.

Enables learning courses

Pro golfers always indulge in a few practice rounds around the course to get the hang of it. They would want to know about the location of the holes and distances between themselves and the holes and a complete golf set can make it sure with slope calculation to understand the limitations of a location. That can allow the player to use the right club that fits their requirements to enable learning courses.

Speeds up play

Using a best golf club set for beginners will save a lot of time as it occupies very little time to find the play of the golf course when compared to all other separate equipment as in a club set you can find all of them in a particular place that is adjusted properly and hence will safe time that is indulged in collecting and finding these things separately.

Materials Used For Making Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are normally produced using three distinct materials, which likewise regularly direct size.

  • Treated Steel 
  • Titanium 
  • Multi-Material Composite 

Treated steel is the most widely recognized and most reasonable material utilized. It’s very solid however generally substantially contrasted with different materials. On account of its weight, clubhead size is restricted. A few golf players like the conservative profile of steel wood heads, however, most high handicappers will profit by more current materials.

On top of these variables, there are different contemplations while picking your fairway wood. It, at last, relies upon what you are hoping to accomplish:

You might need to utilize fairway wood off the tee, as a 3-or 4-wood is simpler to hit than the driver. They won’t go as far, however, numerous golf players find that they’re simpler to control; hitting the fairway all the more frequently is a satisfactory compromise for the distance lost by not hitting the driver. Professionals like Henrik Stenson feel a great deal more alright with their 3-woods that you’ll just see them hitting driver on the longest openings.

We as a whole realize that long irons can be truly hard to hit well.

Higher hurled fairway woods can be acceptable choices to long irons and mixtures with their bigger club heads, expanded absolution, and lower focus of gravity. When in doubt, a 5-wood can supplant a 2-iron, a 7-wood for 3-or 4-iron, and 9-wood can supplant the 5-iron.

Ever wanted to reach the par 5 in two? Some holes are simply too long to reach with a hybrid or long irons. In these cases, a 3- or 4- wood with a lively clubface can often do the job from the fairway.

 What are the Critical Advantages of Fairway Woods for High Debilitation Golf Players?

High handicappers’ clubs are normally planned in light of two things: more pardoning and distance on askew strikes. With fairway woods, it is the same.

Fairway woods for high handicappers are intended to be as pardoning as could be expected under the circumstances. This is for the most part accomplished by making the head greater and moving load to the edge, giving you a greater sweet spot to hit the ball. Different methodologies in a plan can likewise be utilized, for example, controlling the focal point of gravity (CG) position or diminishing the face to flex more during sway.

With customizability being the pattern of golf club plans these days, what types of flexibility would it be a good idea for me to search for in a fairway wood?

Albeit not as unmistakable as in drivers, a few producers do offer a few types of customizability in their fairway woods. There are for the most part three types of flexibility/customization offered in fairway woods:

  • Customizable Loft 
  • Face Angle 
  • Mobile Weights 

By utilizing customizable hosel, players can change the space of the fairway wood. Normally accomplished with a removable screw in the heel, the player eliminates the head and re-positions it on the shaft in the ideal space setting. Ordinarily, this strategy permits the space to be expanded or diminished by 1-3 degrees.

Notwithstanding, it isn’t just the space that is changed with this strategy, as the falsehood may likewise be influenced. ‘Untruth’ is the point of the shaft according to the ground at address, which will influence the level trip of the ball. Some customizable hosels permit us to change space point without influencing the falsehood, which merits thinking about when buying a club with a flexible hosel.

Eventually, flexible hosels are intended to streamline your ball flight, direction, and distance. Hitting a few balls at each accessible setting with a dispatch screen and a prepared proficient deciphering the numbers is the most ideal approach to figure out which setting is best for you.

Are there things to search for that separate fairway woods for high handicappers?

High handicappers ought to be searching for two qualities in their fairway woods: high dispatch and greatest pardoning.

Those characteristics can come in various structures, as various producers have various ways to deal with accomplishing them. When in doubt, here are a few highlights you should search for:


Fairway woods for high handicappers come in generally huge head sizes. This is because of the way that bigger heads can oblige a greater snapshot of idleness (MOI), which will expand pardoning.


There are other mechanical methodologies that can expand pardoning, which will shift incredibly between producers. A large portion of them will have comparative standards: controlling the focal point of gravity position or empowering the face to flex more for a significantly greater sweet spot. Prior to buying your fairway wood, it is critical to consider how lenient it is on mis-hits.


Each golf player needs to get however much yardage as could be expected out of their hardware. Various makers can utilize various advancements to accomplish more distance. The greater customizability choices introduced, the better the opportunity you’ll have of upgrading your distance. A light clubhead with a springy clubface will give the most distance to a high handicapper.

Could an apprentice golf player use fairway woods?

Indeed! Truth be told, fairway woods are among the most straightforward clubs to utilize on the grounds that they are adequately light to produce great clubhead speed, and the size of the wood makes it more sympathetic than an iron. The tenderfoot regularly finds the low focal point of gravity extremely accommodating in getting the show on the road airborne.

Fairway woods are a priceless instrument at each degree of golf.

  • Crossbreeds v/s fairway woods
  • Fairway woods

A fairway wood incorporates a large number of similar qualities as a driver, however can be hit simpler from places other than the tee. Woods are made with a comparable, however more modest head than drivers and have higher lofts.

Contrasted with different clubs in your sack, a fairway wood will have the longest shaft outside of a driver. With the more extended shaft, your swing and approach should be unique, however, we’ll save that for some other time.

With bigger heads and lower lofts than each club in your sack, fairway woods are intended to “clear” across the grass and dispatch at a lower point. This mix of space and contact likewise prompts longer shots, making it an alluring option for those looking for more precise tee shots.

Cross breeds 

Crossbreeds are intended to supplant long (and even mid) irons. Contrasted with fairway woods, the shafts of crossovers are more limited and the heads are more modest. Conversely, a crossbreed will be longer and have a greater head than any of your irons.

What makes crossovers reasonable swaps for long irons is their more profound club heads. Because of their shape, weight can be all the more equitably appropriated, fortifying contact for hits askew. This is the fundamental allure of crossbreeds. The “sweet spot” is greater and the entire clubface is more sympathetic than on a long iron, or even a fairway wood.

Other than better contact, crossovers are intended to slice through unpleasant simpler than fairway woods and dispatch higher. Taking a major divot with a fairway wood is frequently demonstrative of a too steep swing. The plan of a mixture encourages you to get this show on the road the ball, and along these lines, a divot isn’t really something awful.

When to utilize a fairway wood 

A fairway wood has the most grounded space in your pack, less your driver. Along these lines, it will go farther than any non-driver club.

A fairway wood can be utilized either off the tee or from the fairway. Quite possibly the main variables in choosing whether or not to pull a fairway woods are if the conditions are ideal. Because of head shape and space, most players will battle to get woods noticeable all around from the harsh. For some, golf players, driving with a 3 wood can have a hugely beneficial outcome on your scores.

Any possible advantage of distance is cleared out on the off chance that you can’t connect. To keep yourself from having a long third shot in on a standard 4 or 5, you’d be in an ideal situation hitting a club you are more steady with from a terrible falsehood and taking the ensured distance.

As you advance up through your clubs, they logically move longer (a 7-iron moves longer than an 8, and so on) At the point when you utilize a fairway wood, you ought to anticipate a lot of rolls. It is hard to stop a ball on the green hit by a fairway wood that additionally arrives on the green.

With a wood, you should land the ball short and run it up. Things like fairway shelters and very much ensured greens make this more troublesome and might constrain you to hit an alternate kind of shot or club.

Because of their low lofts and conventional flight way, a fairway wood is the most un-affected sort of club while conflicting with the breeze. Basically, you’re holding the ball under the breeze and depending on the move after convey. Much of the time, the breeze is more grounded at higher heights because of an absence of obstructions, which on the green appears as trees.

All the mentioned fairway woods are considered as best fairway woods for golf players that can be used by them to improve their play and skills as all these best golf woods come with many features that are required by players. So, without wasting any time the person should check all the requirements and buy the top fairway woods for them.

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