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Best Golf Club for Beginners Reviews & Buying Guide

Golf is considered one of the most enjoyable sports in today’s time, but still, it can be a bit frustrating if you are a beginner and starting out new a golf player. Apart from being a very popular game, golf is also an expensive sport that requires the best golf sets for beginners that might cost much more than expectations, so people should consider the budget in addition to all the features while purchasing the best beginners golf set.

 Various brands have a huge stock of the best golf club for beginners all of which are manufactured by some of the most well-known brands to even many small developing companies. All these best beginners golf clubs represent a wide range of different technologies that are essential by a beginner for improving his game. Since most beginners have very little knowledge and experience of playing golf, so they look for golf sets that have numerous settings and features to help them understand the game easily. 

Callway golf set for intermediate Callway golf set for intermediate
  •  Callway golf set for intermediate is a 12 piece complete golf set that can be used by both left and right-handed people. It has a 460 cc forged driver included in it that is very light-weight.


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Wilson juniors complete golf set Wilson juniors complete golf set
  • Wilson juniors complete golf set is a 14 piece complete golf set that is available in various sizes that includes a profile SGI teen complete golf set made of good quality material.
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Wilson men’s and teens complete golf set Wilson men’s and teens complete golf set
  • Wilson men’s and teens complete golf set has a right-handed orientation that is made from the blend and includes premium components, advanced materials, and the latest technologies.


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Precise M5 men’s complete golf set Precise M5 men’s complete golf set
  • Precise M5 men’s complete golf set is a 13 golf club set made for right-hand orientation and has 3 woods and 21 hybrids and its height can vary between 6’1” to 6’4”.
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Nitro golf blaster 15 pieces complete set Nitro golf blaster 15 pieces complete set
  •  Nitro golf blaster 15 pieces complete set is a 15 club set made of graphite and steel for the durability of this product. It is PGA certified and has right-handed grips.


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Pine meadow golf PGX set Pine meadow golf PGX set
  •  Pine meadow golf PGX set weighs 12.8 pounds and is available in three sizes-small, medium, and large. It has a regular golf flex and is made of good quality material.



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Best Golf Clubs for Beginners Quick Review

1. Callway Men’s Strata Golf Set


  •  It is a 12 piece complete golf set.
  •  It can be used by both left and right-handed people.
  •  The set includes Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 9 Iron, PW, Putter, Stand Bag, and 2 Headcovers.
  •  It has a lightweight 460cc forged driver included in it.
  •  It has stainless steel iron wedge.
  •  It also includes a mallet putter with alignment.

This golf set for intermediates is a complete set that includes 12 pieces combining to make it a perfect golf set. This golf set can be used by both beginners and intermediates for playing golf. It is made of stainless steel which gives it durability.

The set includes a driver made of titanium that ensures that the driver shots excellent shots and it also includes two fair-wood irons, one is a 3 – wood and the other is a 5- wood that is designed to make the short rise a higher rise. The shape of the club-head has a very good design that can give the ball the most aerodynamic support on the impact that is possible.

It has long-standing irons for perfect support and durability. It also includes a putter that has a milled face for precision and can emphasize on distance, control, and accuracy of each shot and also has a light-weight bag included in the set that has ample space and long pockets that can be used to carry all the things included in the set and also some spare things.


  • It comes in a 12 piece complete set that too in an affordable price range.
  •  It is a good quality product that includes a spacious bag in it.
  •  It is a perfect setting for both intermediates and beginners both for a perfect play.
  •  It offers very good quality.


  • It has an iron rod that can be a bit uncomfortable for some people to hold.
  •  The driver can display some signs of wear and tear after using it for some time.

 2. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Set


  •  It is available in three sizes, small, medium, and big.
  •  It weighs 12.8 pounds.
  •  It has a regular golf club flex.
  •  It is perfect for left-handed orientation.
  •  It has a golf club loft of 10.5 degrees.
  •  It has 6 irons in it.
  •  It has a graphite shaft on three woods.

This golf set includes various products including a driver, 3 woods, hybrid, 5 – PW irons, and other essential products required for playing. It is a great starter set for intermediates, that has six irons in the set that are well-constructed with loads of forgiveness for straighter shots.

It has Graphite shaft on the three woods are lightweight for quick and effortless swing speed and is just featured by woods and irons while leaving the putter and bag home, the PGX set is primarily for intermediate golfers that want more control from their complete set.

It has a sleek white finish on the woods that makes the PGX set one of the most attractively designed clubs that one can ever find and it has a sweet spot on woods and irons that is wide and generous for more distance shots. It also includes 460cc Driver, 3 Wood and Hybrid, 5-PW Irons, Graphite Shaft on Driver and 3 Wood, Headcover for Driver, and Hybrid combining to make it a perfect golf club set.


  • It is made of graphite that gives it durability.
  •  It has a good and comfortable design to hold and play.
  •  It is made of good quality that makes it a preferred product.


  • It cannot be used by right hand oriented persons.

3. Wilson Men’s and teens Complete Golf Set


  •  It is right hand oriented.
  •  It is available in black and maroon color.
  •  The material used for making it is a blend.
  •  It includes premium components, advanced materials, and the latest technologies.
  •  It has a 460 cc driver feature in it.
  •  It has a deep, undercut stainless steel cavity back iron.
  •  It has a Lightweight, premium Carry bag that features adjustable shoulder straps, rugged handle top.
  • It has a self-activating stand.

This golf set is a product of brand Wilson and teens that includes a set of 9 clubs with a fairway, driver, a 6, 7, 8, and a 9 iron, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The driver in it includes a 460 cc clubhead made of titanium that delivers a perfect distance of the tee for offering a large sweet spot with a good amount of forgiveness on the shots.

The fairway in it is designed in such a way that it can offer a smooth transition from the tee onto the green and if perfect for mid-range shots. It also includes three headcovers one for driver, fairway, and one for the hybrid. Its pitching wedge is made of ultimate iron that can get you out of trouble at an upward angle with ease.

The bag that comes with it is lightweight and very convenient to carry as it has double straps included in it and is geared for ease and all the other drivers and shafts are made of graphite for good quality and long life.


  • It offers a wide range of clubs that make a complete set.
  •  It is a good value for money and is a product of a trusted brand.
  •  Its driver can show signs of wear and tear after some use.
  •  It is intermediate and beginners friendly golf set.


  • It only includes three iron and a set of 4 irons would have been best for this product.

4. Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Set


  •  It is right hand oriented.
  •  It has 3 woods and 21 hybrids in it.
  •  Its height can vary between 6’1” to 6’4”.
  •  It has a 460 cc driver.
  •  It has a great aiming putter.
  •  It also includes a deluxe standing bag.
  • It has 3 matching headcovers.

This golf set is a complete 13 golf club set that includes 3 head-covers and a golfing bag also with it. It is a very reputed golf brand that provides a very good quality of the product that includes a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, 5-PW irons, and a putter.

It has a 460 cc head volume and a driver that is made of titanium for good quality and its fairway wood has a similar design like the driver to execute from mid-range distance shots to distance shots easily after getting comfortable with the tee.

It is a hybrid that is designed to be a utility iron for long-term use and 5 – PW irons included in it that are stapled for any golf club and it also comes with a putter that offers a steady hand feeling while executing pull shots. The final product with it is its double straps bag included with it that can be carried out anywhere easily and also has a standing stem to keep it anywhere.


  • Its driver offers extensive distance and forgiveness.
  •  Its bag has double straps for shoulders to give it a comfortable and good easy grip.
  • It provides options for taller golfers also as it can be adjusted.
  •  Its driver has a large sweet spot.
  •  It is a good quality complete set that can be used for playing golf anytime.


  • The set does not include a sand wedge in it.
  •  Its clubs can break sometimes when not handled with care.

5. Nitro golf blaster 15 pieces Complete Set


  •  It is a 15 piece complete set.
  • It is made of graphite and steel.
  •  It has PGA certified quality.
  •  It has right-handed grips.
  •  It includes iron, a golf bag, and a putter.
  •  It is a uniflex golf club.
  •  It is manufactured by brand nitro.
  •  It has 10 clubs and 3 headcovers included.

This piece is a complete golf set including 15 golf clubs for allowing the player to enjoy a complete experience of playing golf with all necessary equipment. It includes a lightweight bag that comes with an umbrella holder and multiple pockets for storage. It is a complete 15 piece set that is a solid piece of a club that has some deceptively iron for a well-balanced collection that is a good starter pack for intermediate golfers.

It has the best irons in the club set for intermediate golfers, and the driver sits at 10.5 degrees and packs a punch with nice distance off the tee and the irons are some of the best we’ve seen from a complete set, with solid balance and length.

It has a large sweet spot on the irons promotes solid contact even when the ball drifts toward the toe and is right hand oriented and is made of graphite and steel to give it durability. The set includes Irons, Putter, Driver and Golf Bag, and a Black and Red Bag hood and 3 club head.


  • It is a complete set made with good quality material for intermediate players.
  •  It includes all the necessary equipment required for playing.
  •  It is a durable product that is made of steel and graphite for long life.
  •  The bag that comes with it has ample space for keeping all the things.


  •  It is a little heavy when compared to other golf club sets.
  • The iron clubs can break off after some time.

6. Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set


  •  It is perfect for players between 11 – 15 years of age.
  •  It has a golf club loft of 10.5 degrees.
  •  It includes a profile SGI teen complete golf set.
  •  It has a uniflex golf club.
  •  It has a comfortable bag and a good shaft.
  •  It is available in a variety of sizes.

This complete golf set includes 14 golf pieces that operate on a distancing mechanism based on the speed of the swing, which can be used to define a faster swing speed based on the distance of the tee. It has a fairway wood that has weighting placed lower in the head of the club that usually means that connection with the ball will be on the lower end and it will slide underneath the ball on impact.

It results in a stronger loft on the fairway to get you out of sticky situations in the rough. It is a versatile golf club set with a high launch technology for a better trajectory. It has a pitching wedge that is designed to get give more spin to the ball and it also includes a putter and a sand wedge that is a key piece to deliver low weighing and it has a bag to carry all the pieces included in the club that offers both comfort and durability for playing golf by intermediates that has a padded top to allow to keep the club pieces safe.


  • It has a good and comfortable grip that makes it easy for intermediates to play using this set.
  •  This is a product of a good brand that is durable and of good quality.
  •  It is a very comfortable set for playing.
  •  It is an intermediate and beginners friendly golf set.


  • It does not have iron which can decrease its life.

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Club for Beginners 


Regularly, you’ll discover depression moved irons in a total set. The explanation that these clubs are normal in a set like these you’ll discover on this rundown is on the grounds that cavity upheld irons are generally known as game improvement irons.

Truly, not far off you may have to add longer clubs to your total set to give you more distance in your sack, yet for the time being, the supplement of clubs that arrive in a transitional set will ordinarily deal with your game fine and dandy. These irons are made to assist you with getting the show on the road into the air effectively and without the punishment of a lot of sidespin for more prominent exactness. 

At the point when you are assessing the irons in a total set, it is savvy to investigate the sole of the clubs. This implies the lower part of the clubhead that contacts the turf first. On the off chance that this part of the club is wide, that implies the irons are simpler to hit.

Much like how more extensive soled wedges are made for starting and middle golf players, irons can likewise convey that dependability on each strike in the event that they are built-in light of the high handicapper. Here’s something you need to realize directly off the top: the gathering of irons in a total set commonly won’t be finished. I realize that might be something abnormal to understand, yet most complete sets consolidate the crossbreed into a middle iron set to give the golf player a simpler cluster of clubs to hit. 


While thinking about a total arrangement of clubs, the driver is the grandstand club. We as a whole need large and conspicuous drivers, and keeping in mind that that may address our base senses regarding why we love golf, it is more critical to lift the hood on these #1 wood and investigate the motor.

One of the primary spots that all golf players assess when investigating a total arrangement of clubs in the forested areas and it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why when you think about the intensity of the driver. Each golf player fantasies about releasing 300-yard drives on many openings, much the same as they see the huge young men do each end of the week on the PGA Tour. 

While analyzing the nature of the forested areas in a total set, it is critical to represent the space of the club, the tallness of the clubhead to decide its profile and how it will arrange the golf ball, lastly, how the club is assembled in gathering. The last one might be the hardest, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have a comprehension of club development, yet most golf players can detect an inexpensively made, failing to meet expectations club from the outset.

Yet, the driver is generally not by any means the only wood remembered for a total set. Most have a blend of half and halves and fairway woods to likewise assess. 


Presently, are these courtesies the main thing on a total set? Not generally, however, they do make life simpler on the course and surely don’t hurt the general estimation of the set. Downpour hoods to keep your clubs dry, cooler pockets to keep your beverages cold and umbrella sleeves to stow away your umbrella are generally extraordinary highlights that you may perhaps find with your total sets. 

 A total golf club set isn’t satisfied without a large group of reliable and important embellishments. Such evident things incorporate a stand pack that has numerous pockets for a lot of capacity, yet did you likewise realize that other complete sets will offer a large group of cool things to fill your heart with joy simpler at the course? 

Thus, when taking a gander at the adornments on a transitional golf club set, first look at the nature of the sack as that takes need over all the other things, yet make a point to take note of extra highlights too to get a feeling of how adjusted the bundle is that you’ll be purchasing.

Putter and wedges

Assessing putters in complete sets is immensely not quite the same as wedges since all total sets accompany a putter. All things considered, not all putters that come from complete sets are all built around and some fail to impress anyone in the method of execution. While evaluating the nature of the wedges in a total set, you’d be brilliant to investigate the lofts of the wedge or wedges to get a more prominent thought of what higher hurled wedges you’ll have to include later as your game develops. 

 Wedges can be an interesting classification to assess on the grounds that most golf players like to convey three to four wedges in their pack, yet you as a rule won’t discover more than two (pitching and sand) in a total set. Also, truly, at times, you’ll find simply a pitching wedge, leaving you an extra cost to consider while you track down individual wedges to buy.

The equivalent goes for a putter as you’ll have to decide whether the style of the putter, regardless of whether it be a cutting edge or hammer, suits your game under the watchful eye of making decisions about the nature of the flagstick. The short game is another region critical in the middle of the road set of golf clubs. Finding a set that offers a collection of wedges and a positively fabricated putter surely puts you on the ball by giving you the correct apparatuses for shaving strokes from around the green. 


While assessing a bunch of clubs for the nature of their development, investigate a few zones on the club beginning with the association purpose of the hostel and the clubhead. Next, move to the head itself and how the weighting has been conveyed along the clubhead.

At long last, take a gander at the essence of the club and inspect the depressions and on the off chance that they are uniform for more turn at sway. A very much made total set presents enormous worth since it offers a full cluster of clubs in a one-quit offering. Seeing the worth it gives golf players, a few name-brand organizations have bounced on the train and are making full sets out of a portion of their most famous product offerings. 

 Callaway and Wilson have a few high performing and very much made total golf sets that offer golf players the occasion to possess an assortment that is smoothed out and all made inside a similar organization. 

The last rules on our evaluating list for the best halfway golf club sets is the manner by which well the set is built. We as a whole need worth and solidness with anything we buy, regardless of whether it be a bunch of golf clubs or a pack of apples at the market. However, we can’t buy something essentially on the grounds that it is cheap without considering the nature of the thing we are purchasing. Considering these three fundamental zones will give you a preferred position to choose if the clubs merit your cash and should remain dependable throughout quite a while.

Pros of Buying Golf Club for Beginners

  • Using a golf club set will save a lot of time as it occupies very little time to find the play of the golf course when compared to all other separate equipment as in a club set you can find all of them in a particular place that is adjusted properly and hence will safe time that is indulged in collecting and finding these things separately.
  • These golf club sets have all essential features that can be very beneficial for enhancing your playing skills and can help the player to understand the range for each club. It provides a high level of precision and extra information that can be used to heighten the skills of the person using a golf club sets for intermediates.
  • These best golf range finders have an essential feature that can be very beneficial for enhancing your playing skills and can help the player to understand the range for each club. It provides a high level of precision and extra information that can be used to heighten the skills of the person using a golf range finder.
  • Pro golfers always indulge in a few practice rounds around the course to get the hang of it. They would want to know about the location of the holes and distances between themselves and the holes and a complete golf set can make it sure with slope calculation to understand the limitations of a location. That can allow the player to use the right club that fits their requirements to enable learning courses.
  • Golf range finders are able to provide you with quick results unlike the traditional methods of finding the range, so you don’t have to wait a long time to get a reading on distance measurement.
  • The best-started golf club sets are faster at providing results as laser bounces faster from the device to the target and back so you get accurate distance readings just seconds after setup is complete.

Cons of using a Club Set

  • Sometimes using a club set can be a bit heavy to carry that can cause problems for the player in carrying it from one place to another.

What to look for while buying the best golf training aid for swing plane?

Avoid buying expensive and professional golf club sets

Expensive golf club sets are packed with the latest technologies and features that can easily fascinate any player and hence become irresistible to buy. But as a beginner, one should only buy what are the best golf clubs for beginners that are not very much expensive and can be easily afforded by people, as when they will gradually learn the game they might need to switch to a better set. Since as a beginner player, one needs practicing often for improving their game, and it requires a lot of experimentation, so in such cases an expensive golf club set. Using any professional club won’t make any person a better player, while the results can be the opposite as most of the professional clubs come with various features and options that might give any beginner a hard time and leave them frustrated. So choosing an affordable club for beginners might help to boost confidence by hitting hard and far.

Choose mid to large clubhead size

As a beginner, one should opt for golf clubs that have large clubheads as they help the beginners to get a larger sweet spot that can also provide forgiveness on mishits. Drivers with 450 to 460 cc are recommended for beginners as it is one of the most recommended and proven head size range that should be used by a beginner.

Cast irons are the best way for a beginner to start golfing

Cast irons are Good beginner golf iron clubs, that are useful to keep the weight spread around the perimeter of the cast irons so that the clubs can be made very forgiving. Professionals prefer forged irons as the center of gravity of these clubs is in front of the club and also offers a tighter sweet spot. But for beginners who are new to the game and are still polishing their skills, who usually hit off-center are recommended to use cast irons.

Choosing Between Graphite and Steel Shafts

Graphite shafts are included in any golf club are the major reason to make golf irons light-weighted and easy to handle. So, as a beginner to get the feeling of hitting the ball faster and for gaining more distance is necessary that you go for a light weighted shaft. That is the reason that graphite shafts are more common in good beginner golf clubs. While iron graphite shafts are also preferable, yet they are not mandatory.

Understand the swing speed

Beginners with average swing speed are recommended to have a regular flex as it can be very beneficial for them. As a professional golf player one can easily go for stiff flex club shafts as they hit the ball very fast.

4 Differences Between Irons that professional use and Beginners Should Use.

  • Professionals often choose irons with shallow cavity back and even just plain blades, but a beginner should go for a deeper cavity back that adds weight to the club perimeter.
  • Professional golfers prefer a narrow sole club, but for a beginner, a wide sole would provide the best results while playing.
  • Professionals opt for low clubhead offsets from the shaft, but as a beginner, a person should choose a shaft from the club that have higher offsets.
  • Professionals use a small-faced club with a tight sweet spot as they can easily control it due to their experience and practice, but as a beginner, any individual should go for large to mid-size clubheads that have a large sweet spot for forgiveness on mishits.

Types of Golf Club Sets


The main purpose of using a driver is to hit the ball as far as the player can. The biggest driver head allowed is 460cc. Most of the drivers are made of titanium or carbon composite because they are much lighter than steel, and can allow the manufacturers to built them according to the need of the player.


Woods should be purchased keeping in mind the time of playing and is determined by golf club number.

  • The higher the golf club number, the higher the loft.
  • The higher the golf club number, the shorter the club shaft length.


  • Irons are numbered like woods for making the bulk. 3 irons achieve a low and long hit with approximately 200 yards are available with the lowest loft, and on the other hand pitching wedge or Sand Wedges are used to produce a high flight but a low distance of approximately 100 yards.
  • Other irons such as the 7-iron sit between these two extremes, with around 12-15 yards difference between each club.


A wedge is important to post a good score, and choosing the right wedge can help in improving the game dramatically. Bounce angle refers to the curved section on the sole of the wedge, the ‘bounce’ prevents the club from snagging in the sand or rough and is the gap between the ground and the leading edge of the wedge when placed in the address position.


It is one of the most important golf clubs in your bag, yet one of the most neglected, putters can transform your game. The typical length of a putter is 35″, but anything from 33″ to 35″ can be used for a putter.

Complete Set vs. Individual Clubs

While buying any golf set a question that might arise in your mind as a beginner is that whether you should buy beginner clubs individually or as a complete set?

Beginning a career as a golf player advertisements play a vital role in making decisions for them in the process of selecting either a complete beginner’s set or individual clubs for them.

Intermediate players usually select clubs individually when they’ve already developed a playing style and when they exactly know what they want out of each individual club. As it allows them to understand the technology and how to build any golf bag that can easily and perfectly suit their playing style and ability.

But, while considering a golf club set for beginners, they should majorly consider skills and strategy that they are still developing, due to which they are not in the best position to handpick their clubs just individually.

If any individual is just starting out, then it is recommended that they should buy a game of complete golf set for a beginner as it comes with all suitable and necessary equipment that can give the best results required by a beginner.

Another reason that a complete set of golf is the best choice for a beginner is that these clubs are much more affordable when they are bought in a complete set, and if buying clubs individually it can cost a significantly higher price than that any beginner will not be willing to invest.

So for any beginner golf player, the best bet is to find a good, complete set.

All the above mentioned are the best golf club set for beginners that have all the required features and equipment that are essential for perfect play and improving the game. It includes all the equipment that will reduce the stress of finding them separately so, without wasting time one should buy these amazing products at the earliest.

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