How to Bet on Soccer

soccer bet

Soccer is a hugely popular sport in America, and betting on it has also grown. You can find betting markets for matches from all over the world at online sportsbooks.

Spread betting on soccer matches works the same as on other sports, but with a few differences. Generally, the lines will have a buy or sell option and a number listed. These numbers are usually rounded to the nearest half goal to prevent bets from ending in a tie.

Goal line betting

In-game wagers are a great way to cheer for goals without worrying about who will win. You can place a bet on the total number of goals scored in a match with goal line betting, also known as over/under betting. This type of wager is based on odds set by the sportsbook and your job is to predict whether more or less than that number will be scored.

Parlay bets are a popular wagering option in soccer and offer big payouts for small stakes. However, they are not as easy to win as single bets. If one outcome loses, the entire bet is lost.

Parlay bets

If you’re looking to make a big payout on a soccer game, parlay bets are the way to go. Live soccer betting odds fluctuate as the game unfolds and reflect the current state of play. For example, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t scored yet but there are twenty minutes left in the game, his odds will rise.

Another popular type of soccer wager is the over/under goal bet. It’s similar to the total goals bet but you’re betting on either all or half of the team’s score. Unlike other sports wagers, however, soccer over/under bets never include extra time or shootouts unless specifically stated.

In-game wagers

One of the most common soccer betting strategies is to bet on teams that are big favorites in a game. This strategy can increase your winning percentage considerably, although it’s not foolproof. However, it is an excellent place to start.

This type of wagering is similar to over/under point totals in other sports but without the need to choose a winner. In this form of betting, the oddsmakers estimate how many goals will be scored in a game and punters choose to buy if they think more goals will be scored or sell if they think fewer goals will be scored.

In-game wagers in soccer are becoming increasingly popular with sportsbooks offering dozens of markets every day. These include money lines, double chance bets and a variety of other betting options.

Spread bets

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and offers a wide variety of betting lines. From the prestigious Champions League to the smaller domestic leagues, soccer is a staple for wagering enthusiasts.

In soccer, spread bets are placed on the OVER/UNDER total of goals scored during a full-game match. The OVER/UNDER total is determined by the sportsbook’s prediction of the combined number of goals in the game. Unless otherwise stated, a bet on a soccer market is official at the end of 90 minutes play plus any added injury or stoppage time. Extra-time or penalty shootouts are not included in the result of a bet.

Derivative bets

When betting on soccer matches you have many different options. In addition to the standard money line bets, you can also place double chance bets and handicaps. These bets involve picking a precise end-of-game score, such as the team winning or it being a draw.

This type of bet reduces risk because it gives you two possible outcomes instead of three. For example, if you bet on Argentina -2.5 goals, you have a one-in-two chance to win. You can also make BTTS bets that ask whether you think both teams will score in the game. These bets are typically posted at sportsbooks as a part of the To Win market.


The right formation can make all the difference in a soccer game. The most popular today is the 4-4-2, which consists of four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards. This allows a team to control the ball and create scoring opportunities with passes from the wings.

Goalscorer wagers are a common way to bet on soccer games. These bets feature odds on first and anytime goalscorers, league and tournament top goalscorer, and more. Some sportsbooks even offer preset parlays that combine moneyline bets with over/under bets. These are often presented as a single wager. These types of bets can be very profitable over time.