How to Place a Soccer Bet

soccer bet

There are a lot of different types of soccer wagers, including 3-way moneylines, Double Chance betting, Asian Handicaps, and Over/Under goals. In addition, you can bet on the team that will win a match via penalties or extra-time.

The key to making good soccer bets is to find value. You can do this by evaluating team strengths and weaknesses and understanding how the game is played.

American odds

American odds are a common way to bet on soccer games. They use a base value of $100 to calculate the potential winnings and risk for bettors. Favorites are marked with a – symbol, while underdogs have a + sign. A positive number means that a $100 wager will earn you more in winnings than the original stake.

Three-way moneylines allow bettors to place a bet on either team to win or the match to end in a draw after regulation time. Oddsmakers will assign a minus (-) or plus (+) sign in front of each team’s moneyline to indicate the favorite and underdog. These numbers are then converted to a decimal format. This conversion can be confusing for new bettors, but it is important to understand when placing a wager.

Parlay bets

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and its betting markets are growing fast. The most common bet types include three-way moneylines, point spreads, and Over/Under totals. In addition, soccer prop bets (or proposition bets) focus on specific occurrences during the match.

The Over/Under odds in a soccer game reflect the combined scoring between teams. These odds are set by sportsbooks and can be a great way to wager on a match without knowing the outcome.

Choosing a top soccer betting site is crucial for your wagering experience. FanDuel offers an exceptional mobile product, competitive soccer odds, diverse betting markets and enticing promotions. It also offers first-bet insurance up to $1,000.

Futures bets

In major tournaments like the World Cup, there are a variety of futures wagering opportunities. These include betting on the outright winner of a particular group, as well as individual bets on a team to win its own group. Futures odds are often offered months or even years before the event takes place, and can shift based on performance throughout the season.

Betting on futures is a great way to enjoy the thrill of a prediction paying off. However, it can also be a risky way to wager, as a portion of your gambling bankroll will remain tied up for the duration of the season or tournament. Hedging your bets can be helpful in limiting this risk. Also, consider preseason data and the latest injury news when placing your bets.

Pre-game bets

With soccer betting, bettors have the option of placing a wager on either team to win or for the game to end in a draw. This differs from other sports, where money line wagers are based on the final score.

Over/Under Goals Totals are also a popular soccer betting market, with bettors placing their wagers on whether the combined scores of both teams will go over or under a specific number set by oddsmakers.

Prop bets, which are specific outcomes that do not have anything to do with the result of a match, are another way to place a wager on soccer matches. These are a great way to add some extra excitement to your wagering experience. However, it’s important to monitor the odds across multiple sportsbooks before placing your wager.

Live betting

As the sport’s popularity grows in North America, more sportsbooks offer soccer betting. In addition to standard money line wagers, most sites also feature a range of player and game props that add an extra dimension to the betting experience. These wagers can also have higher payouts.

Another popular bet type is the three-way moneyline, which offers odds on a home team win, an away team win, or a tie after 90 minutes of play. In addition to these bets, many sportsbooks offer point spreads (also known as handicaps), Over/Under totals, and futures bets on tournament outcomes and player achievements. The best way to make the most of your soccer betting experience is to choose a site with a wide variety of markets and a user-friendly interface.