The Different Types of Soccer Betting

soccer bet

Soccer betting is a popular activity. However, you should be careful when placing your wagers. You should pay attention to team statistics and match analysis before making your selections.

Unlike other sports, soccer matches often end in ties. This makes money line bets difficult to place. Instead, look for prop bets, which are specific bets that don’t require you to choose a winner.

Spread bets

If you’re a fan of soccer, there are many betting opportunities available. You can place a 3-way moneyline (1X2), Asian Handicap, Over/Under point total bets and other prop wagers. However, you should know that overtime and shootouts are not included in soccer spread bet outcomes.

The most popular way to bet on soccer games is by using a fixed-odds app. These apps offer a more reliable pricing model than traditional sportsbooks and often feature lower vigorish. They also offer a variety of props and exotic bets. These are great options for those with a limited bankroll. However, remember that you should always bet responsibly and within your limits.

Money line

Moneyline betting is a popular way to bet on soccer. It removes the draw option, which is more difficult to cover than a standard point spread bet. This type of betting is especially popular in sports like soccer and formerly hockey that frequently result in ties.

Sportsbooks set a goal total for each match combining the teams’ estimated final scores and bettors wager whether the result will be over or under this number. This line can have different juice depending on the sportsbook.

In addition to standard bets, soccer prop bets offer enormous value to savvy bettors. These bets focus on specific occurrences during a match, including player or team statistics and goals.

Over/Under bets

With a little bit of planning, you can win more often than you lose by placing Over/Under bets. This is an excellent strategy for players with a modest bankroll, as it increases their chances of winning. It also ensures that they don’t risk too much of their money in one bet.

In Over/Under bets, the number of goals scored during a soccer match is the key factor. This wager is settled at the end of the game in normal time, or 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Goals scored in extra-time and penalty shootouts don’t count towards the total goal score.

Double chance bets

A double chance bet is a type of soccer wager that allows you to place money on two different outcomes for a match. It operates in the same way as totals bets in other sports, but is much more complex. If a team is known for their defensive style and a low scoring game is expected, this bet may make sense.

However, be aware that this bet does not guarantee a win. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use this bet as a hedge in a parlay ticket to reduce the house edge. This will help you increase your winnings while decreasing the risk of a bad result.

Halftime bets

Half time full time bets are a popular way to increase the thrill of watching sports. These bets come with a set of nine outcomes, and all of them must be correct for the bet to pay out. These bets are also known as Same Game Parlay.

This type of bet is similar to a Double Bet or an Accumulator and covers all play stoppages in the match (including injury time). This makes them useful for high scoring games. They also offer higher odds than standard match bets. It is recommended to combine these bets with a match winner bet for greater value.

Correct score bets

The correct score bet is a type of betting market that involves correctly identifying the full time score in a football match. This type of bet is more risky than other types of bets because it is hard to identify patterns in scoring outcomes. However, there are some factors that can help make this bet more successful, such as team form and player injuries.

It is also important to do your research before placing a correct score bet, as not doing so could lead you to place a bet that is not accurate. For example, if you are betting on a game that is expected to be low-scoring, it is best not to place a correct score bet.